Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trinity and Beyond Day3

Please reflect on your final thoughts about nuclear weapons.  What can we learn from the past to help influence our future?


  1. Please reflect on your final thoughts about nuclear weapons:

    Since reflection is not listing facts, let's begin.

    Nuclear weapons are very dangerous things. We (humans) should never have tampered with them in the first place. They only bring destruction.

    What can we learn from the past to help influence our future?

    Not to detonate nuclear weapons. >_> If people cared enough to stop, maybe we wouldn't have to worry about them.

  2. Radiation from nuclear weapons is extremely dangerous. It has the power to destroy and even kill. We should not use nuclear weapons, as they can harm innocent lives and ruin our planet. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just small examples of what nuclear weapons can do to humanity. Pearl Harbor is another example. War is bad enough, but adding in side effects that can kill even more people is just terrible.

  3. Radiation from was can kill many animals even after the bomb has been exploded. Some animals die from it even years after the bomb was exploded. If people are to continue using these types of weapons they could start to damage mother nature and the animals the live in the area. Just engaging in war is harmful to the planet already but to go over the top and start blowing up every other place humans go to should be stopped.

  4. I don't think that we should have nuclear weapons. The reason, they say, that we need nuclear bombs is to protect from nuclear attacks, but if nobody had nuclear weapons there wouldn't be any nuclear attacks. Also, if you tried to use nuclear bombs in a war you'd stop the war but you'd kill more people than necessary. Actually, if I'm using that logic, nobody needs to die...

  5. History repeats itself, and if World War III is going to occur there are going to be major (nuclear) weapons used. We all have to remember what it did to Nagasaki and Hiroshima because that's what we can do to the world. It can turn back time for decades. Not only does it hinders our human progression, it also ruins everyone's resources (air and water) , even neutral Sweden's.

  6. The first aircraft to deliver an atomic bomb from the US was the Cherokee
    In the Nevada Desert 24 bombs were tested.
    Pigs were used to test radiation side effects.
    3 Missile born tests in the South Atlantic.
    Nugget Star-ax and Dominic.
    Operation Wedwig was used to test thermonuclear weapons.
    May 21, 1956 the Cherokee bomb was the first H-bomb dropped by aircraft.
    During operation Hard track the US detonated over 35 bombs.

  7. Showing the effects of radiation really hit home with me. If you ingest it, you may either die or have terrible effects on your body. It can leave fatal or permanent effects if exposed to it. Test Ban Treaty caused scientists and researchers to halt all tests and experiments including bombs, nuclear energy, and radiation.

  8. Operation Redwing- tested high yield thermonuclear weapons
    Balance of Power in Soviet Union
    Cherokee detonates as first U.S. thermonuclear weapon

    The effects of radiation and fallout-
    Capsules in the stomach to measure radiation

    Strontium-90- like calcium and can be concentrated in bones

    1957- 24 nuclear tests in operation Plumbomb. DOD used it as military training for nuclear warfare.
    The US government believed that the weapons were the defense about Soviet Union’s strong program.

    Cactus Event- 18 kilotons
    Soviet launched sputnik
    High altitude missile tests conducted by U.S. Teak (3.8 megatons) and Orange
    EMP created by nuclear bombs knocked out all technology

    Operation Argus-
    Missile radioactive shield
    Russia suspends further nuclear tests

    The monster bomb-
    Soviets began designing new nuclear weapons. 57 megaton hydrogen bomb, biggest nuclear device built. Scaled down version of 100 megaton bomb. US concerned about this detonation.

    Major US weapon tests. 100 nuclear tests conducted under Nougat, Storax,
    DOD continues advance into space with 5 high altitude tests

    Kennedy signs A-test ban

    Tightrope-Last atmospheric test done by USA

  9. 1956- Operation Redwing; tested thermonuclear devices

    1957- Operation Plumbbob

    1958- Operation Hardtack

    Operation Argus

    Many tests were done with bombs outside the Earth to try to block out any Soviet missiles that might potentially be dropped on the US. Russia had created a hydrogen bomb which was the biggest bomb ever created. Weapons of mass destruction created pollution.

    Operation Dominic
    over 100 tests conducted

    Between the years 1945 and 1862 the US conducted 331 tests on nuclear weapons.

  10. 500 miles off coast of San Diego
    -Operation Wigwam
    --determine fatal range of a submarine to a nuclear weapon
    Operation Redwing
    -to test nuclear devices
    -Cherokee event
    -3.5 megatons

    I liked this part more than the other two. The whole video goes in a sort of timeline, and now that we are getting towards the end of the timeline, it is easier for me to relate. Obviously, we have many more advances now than at the beginning of the video, so it is more suspenseful. I liked how there is more video within the movie than just pictures because it keeps me interested.

  11. Just because we aren't allowed to test any more atomic or nuclear weapons doesn't mean we aren't. There could be testing and we wouldn't know about it. There could easily be an atomic world war. If we actually think that making these weapons is "good" for the world, then why do they cause so much destruction and damage to everything around it. It harms things in more ways then the actual explosion. What about the radiation? That can kill more people than the explosion because it can pass down from generation to generation. The atomic age may not ever end.

  12. My final thoughts on nuclear testing is that it should not be done, at least not until we can do it on another planet so as to not destroy life. Nuclear testing may seen necessary to some people, but I view it as bad, since it has the huge risk and potential to harm humans and other forms of life. For example, pigs and sheep were used as test dummies and they were killed very violently. If we test on other planets close to our own, we wouldn't have to kill anyone!

  13. Radiation is VERY dangerous.It can destroy SO much and eventually even kill. Nuclear weapons should not be used because they also can kill and and Extremely dangerous. Nuclear weapons have killed so many innocent people. The only good use i have seen come out of them was stopping a war. and even then i am sure we could have found a variety of other ways to end the war. Also, when we used it to stop the war, we killed so many innocent people and now Russia knows how to make the bombs. This puts us ( the US ) in danger, and we could have the same thing happen to us as we made happen to them.

  14. Day 3

    1956 Operation Redwing to test 17 nuclear bombs.
    the effects on radiation
    amount of radiation that passes through the human
    there was a capsule that you swallow that had a string attached so that after the bomb you could pull it out and you would be just fine and unharmed. I think that this is very scary.
    Tewa another explosion
    Operation Hardtack Testing 35 nuclear bombs.
    There was another project where they put the nuclear bombs underneath a layer of concrete.
    The Monster Bomb 57 Megatons.
    I think that all these bombs would be really scary to work with, because if you make the slightest mistake you and and your fellow people would die instantly. This is a possibility throughout all tests conducted.
    Operation Dominic , Numeric, Startick. Over 100 nuclear tests were conducted between these three islands. During these tests if your bomb wouldn’t drop the correct way then your whole plane would explode up in the air. U.S. Air Force have to have their best team with them. Between 1945 and 1962 the U.S. conducted 331 atmospheric nuclear test.

  15. - 1956 Operation Redwing - conducted in pacific to test thermonuclear devices
    - Thermonuclear devices created 7 months before
    - Has 200 times the power of the Trinity bomb
    - Cherokee first aircraft-delivered hydrogen bomb
    - Radiation can cause leukemia or bone cancer
    - 1957 - 24 nuclear tests conducted in Nevada - Operation Plumbob
    - 1958 - Operation Hardtack - 35 tests
    - Monster Bomb - 59 megatons - scaled-down version of 100 megaton bomb

  16. Today, the video was much better. I liked the way it was filmed, used with dramatic music and all. Nuclear weapons are the most hazardous and destructive bombs on the planet, and they can destroy entire cities, cultures, and races. History repeats itself, and World War Three will most likely be fought with nuclear warfare, as well as thermonuclear warfare. Fallout will occur if testing and usage continues, and this will affect more than just a certain area, seen in the Chernobyl disaster. Also, radiation poisoning may actually become a genetic disease if new technology is made that will somehow affect the human makeup.

  17. From the years between 1945 to 162, the United States of America has undergone 331 nuclear weapon tests. Throughout those years, World War II and Cold War has reigned over rhyme and reason. The operations that took place during this mournful, yet nationalistic time period included: Operation Redwing, Sputnik 1, the Teak and Orange Bombs, the V2 Rockets for Germany, and the hydrogen bomb.

    Operation Redwing was a 3.5 megaton atomic bomb, that was nearly two hundred times the power of the Trinity Events, and focused on testing a broad variety of new innovative second generation designs. This particular performance was the second U.S. nuclear test of a succession dedicated to the thermonuclear designs cause, in which it was their task to convince the rest of the nation that they are of weapon status. Tewa was the crater created from the 5 megaton Redwing Tewa thermonuclear test on July 20, 1956.

    Skipping to the V2 rocket, Germany specially created a rocket for their personal needs, and mainly against British and Belgian targets. The general dimensions included a length of 46 feet, wingspan of 11.7 feet, diameter of 5.4 feet, and a loaded weight of 27,580 lbs. The rocket was powered by liquid oxygen, and was indeed the first of its type. This innovated invention led to the hydrogen bomb, the biggest nuclear weapon made at the time. The H-bomb weapon fabricated a large portion of its energy from the nuclear fusion of hydrogen isotopes, functioning ultimately on pure fusion. All of these were extremely radioactive and dangerous.

  18. Nuclear weapons are very dangerous and very destructive. Innocent animals and humans are harmed when these bombs are dropped and when they are being tested on. On the other had nuclear energy could be very helpful for us humans. Nuclear energy is less expensive and it's better for the environment, everybody wins.

  19. The video showed me how much our country has advanced in nuclear technology and it is a very scary truth. We have nearly limitless power when it comes to this technology. If we do not learn to control this technology we will destroy ourselves.

  20. After viewing this part of the video, it kind of made me think about what would happen if a country WAS testing nuclear weapons right now. I think that by looking back on the tensions the weapons caused, we can easily observe that we shouldn't work with them again. Also, I think we should realize how powerful they are and the effects the bombs have on the environment, other organisms, and ourselves.

  21. Operation Cherokee was the first thermonuclear, or hydrogen, test. It was done in the pacific. It yielded 3.8 megatons of TNT, or 150% of the Trinity test. The Tewa test, in the Marshall Islands, brought Strontium-90 to the forefront, due to its threat to bone marrow and reproductive cells. This caused questioning of overground nuclear tests. Radiation and fallout tests were later conducted with a capsule that would be swallowed, but had a string attached so it could be retrieved without invasive surgery. Rainier event was the first underground detonation.

    Operation Hardtack, in the Pacific, was a chain of 35 nuclear tests. This included the 18 Mt Cactus test.

    Teak and Orange where two missile tests, made by Werhner Von Braun, that hoped to get the US on par with the USSR on missile tests. Teak damaged electrical circuits and created an "EMP", or Electromagnetic Pulse.

    Nikita Krushchev, in 1958, is elected and decides to stop nuclear testing. The USA responded with a similar moratorium (sp) on nuclear testing, on But in 1960, the Soviets finished creating the world's largest nuclear bomb, the Tsar Bomba. It was originally 100 Mts, and was later downgraded to 57 Mts. Adlai Stevenson quickly denounced the tests, calling the tests "without solid justification" and announced his delegation "deeply deplored" the test, proclaiming that it would contribute to world pollution.

    Operation Dominic, including the "Nougat" and Frigate bird tests, involving nuclear submarines, were the US' response to Soviet Russia disregarding of the moratorium. Tests also resumed on Christmas Island. Later, tests over Johnston Island were made to check the viability of super-atmospheric nuclear defense.

    The "Tightrope" test's failure led to the end of any atmospheric testing, and the Limited Nuclear Test Treaty caused the banning of ANY atmospheric nuclear tests for the US and USSR.

    Stats- Between 1945 and 1962 the US did 331 nuclear tests.

    One year after the banning of atmospheric testing, China defiantly broke it with the Lop Nur test in 1967, codenamed 596.

  22. While watching the video, I couldn't stop thinking about how horrible these bomb were. Not only do they have terrible strength, but they caused a whole war, the Cold War. It is very scary how Russia could, at any time, send a bomb over our way, plunging the world into a nuclear war. And considering all the nuclear debris that would be thrown into our world by these bombs, millions of lives would be ended.
    I think that we need to learn from our mistakes and try to stop the making of these monster bombs. If we don't then they will just keep on getting bigger and more dangerous.

  23. Radiation capsule swallowed and retrieved after exposure to radiation to measure the amounts of radiation.

    Strontium-90 is supposed to be concentrated in the bones. Radiation. No genetic threat, but causes bone cancer, especially in developing children.

    24 nuclear tests in deserts of Nevada. Operation Plumbable. 21 test, uraniur test. 790 feet was the underground nuclear test which truned the ground to a molten bubble.

    Operation hardtack. 35 tests.

    Radioactive material placed in Cactus Crater then covered with a concrete dome.

    Quick question, if we are so worried about chemical problems at Love Canal, why aren’t we freaking out about going to the deserts of Nevada where there should be tons of radiation?

    Teek detonated in atmosphere known as EMT (electromagnetic ___) that shut down radio signals for 8 hours.

    The Monster Bomb: 57 megatons hydrogen bomb. Largest nuclear weapon ever built. Could be delieved by aircraft.

    Operation Dominic. More than 100 nuclear tests in Nevada and and Pacidic ocean. Frigate Bird test among them. Sword Fish: anti submarine test.

    Tightrope last atmospheric test ever done by the United States. Between 1945-1962, US conducted 331 atmoshperic nuclear tests.

  24. Trinity and Beyond Part 3 was a very informative documentary. Starting at Operation Redwing, it summarized the history of the atomic bomb really well. especially liked that the video footage was real. Music was appropriate and the narrator was really calm, but flat, throughout the entire film. It shows us what atomic and hydrogen bombs can really do to the Earth. Truthfully, I think that nuclear weapons are wrong and can hurt the environment. By learning from the past, we could learn that these devices can cause massive destruction. Look at when we dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when the technology was only new. With our new advances, I couldn't even imagine what we could do with the weapons today.

  25. Here are some notes I took on the video:
    Operation Redwing was conducted in the Pacific.
    Its purpose was to test thermonuclear devices.
    7 months before, the Soviet Union had demonstrated the first thermonuclear. Cherokee Event was the first thermonuclear, for U.S. In the Pacific islands.

    Effects of Radiation/Fallout
    The string capsule was used to measure radiation. It was cancer-causing, but mostly no harm, if it is not taken in with food/water/air.
    It is swallowed with a string so it can be pulled out afterwards.

    Strontium-90 is like calcium, it isconcentrated in bones. It supposedly has no genetic threat.
    Then in the Fall of 1957 was Operation Plumbbob at the Nevada Test Site. The Hood test was 75 kilotons. The Urania Event was the first underground test at 3 kilotons. It vaporized rock and would lead to the prohibition of underground testing. Then the Cactus Event which had a bomb of 18 kilotons. It made a big crater in the ground. Radioactive material was collected and dumped in Cactus Crater, then a dome placed on top. Next was Teak and Orange.
    They were missile tests. Teak was 3.8 megatons and 50 miles above ground. It caused EMT and silenced radio transmissions for hours. It damaged Hawaii-New Zealand electrical circuits. Then there was Operation Argus, it consisted of 3 missile born tests in the Southern Atlantic. Later, Russia suspends nuclear tests. The Soviet Union creates The Monster Bomb which is a 57 megaton hydrogen bomb. The largest nuclear weapon ever. It was actually scaled down from its original 100 megaton design. It was able to be dropped by aircraft. U.S. retaliates with
    100 nuclear tests. Operation Nougat and Operation Storax. The Department of Defense and the nuclear weapons tests enter the Space Age.
    Then JFK signs the A-Test Ban after Tightrope.
    The last atmospheric test of U.S. There were around 331 tests total of U.S. during 1942 and 65. Approximately 100 countries endorsed the treaty/ban of nuclear tests. Yet the video said "However, 1 Year later..." And has clips that show China testing.

    Reflection: Basically this last part of the video talks about the aftereffects and consequences that were brought upon us by introducing nuclear weapons. And that no matter how many treaties or bans we have, nuclear weapons testing will still probably go on somewhere in secret. Some good examples of things banned that are still used are illegal drugs. They are illegal, but people still do them. And when alcohol was banned, bootlegging started. Basically, in this resourceful world, we can never be truly safe from the threat of nuclear weapons, or really anything..

  26. It would have been better if we (humans) had never discovered nuclear weapons because of the massive panic spiral thats going on. However, we being a rather panic-y species there isn't much we can do about it now.